Please follow the instructions below to insure that your pine nuts maintain there freshest taste and to preserve there quality. If the following steps are not taken your product can quickly lose its great taste and quality. We cannot be held responsible for all our customers lack of care. REMEMBER this product is PERISHABLE if instructions are not followed!

Storing your pine nuts up to 2 more months:

1) Make sure they can breathe. Place in bowl, paper bag, gunnysack bag, netted bag, or in something where they can receive good air-circulation.
2.) Store in cool, dry place! May need to be mixed every now and than to allow fresher air-circulation. For pine nuts that your receiving past January of any given season we recommend you freeze them, however, they should last fresh for several weeks upon receiving them from us.

1) Pack them in small zip-lock bags by drawing out as much air as possible. Vacuum-packed is best.
2.) Freeze immediately.
Note: The idea is to avoid as much as possible the instance of freezing and unfreezing this product repeatedly. The best way is to package (freeze) them in small amounts as your average recipe requires.

By you ordering this product you agree to the perishable warning above and to the return policy stated below.

Return Policy:
Due to the fact that this is a food product we can only except returns/exchanges for in-store-credit if the package and product arrives damaged. Take photo and contact us immediately for return instructions. Returns cannot be accepted if product was purchased by accident or if you change your mind. Please make sure you are familiar with the product you are purchasing. Make certain to track the package and anticipate its arrival. Please read full Terms of Sale and Return Policies before ordering.

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Everyday as we go about our daily routines and activities our body burns energy. Energy in fact comes in many forms. For our body's to function correctly and energetically we must feed the cells within us the proper nutrition (energy) in order that energy may be used towards our good. Pine Nuts contain Omega Fatty Acids or better known as Oils that work towards the good of the body. This specific fat found in pine nuts, pinon, pinoli and pignoli nourishes the cells to perform a cleansing and optimizing function all practically simultaneously. Pine Nut oil or Omega oils feed the membrane of the cell and provide them with the structural integrity to excrete waste while allowing vital nutrients to enter the cell. Fresh Pine Nuts per mass contain on average over 50% fat content, this fat feeds the cell membrane allowing optimal cell function.

Please understand that the information above is for educational purposes to inform our customers and readers that the wide spread falsehood of pine nuts being high in fat is bad for you. The fat found in pine nuts is the good fat your body thrives off of. Look up the facts on good fats and bad fats. Pine nuts, pignoli, pinoli and pinon contain what is referred to as the "good fats". Omega Fatty acids and other fats such as PhosphatidylCholine or PC oils are of the fats which many health professionals refer to as "miracle oils".

The pine nuts we have available here on this page contains the prior mentioned Fatty Acids or oils. These pinyon nuts or Nevada Pinon/Pine Nuts available on this page are Raw and in there purest clean form just as nature intended them. We should mention that as a pine nut naturally ages its oil content remains, giving it a rich texture. So although the aged pine nuts are drier the oil gives them a rich flavor since the original moisture becomes removed, leaving more rich flavor on your taste buds.